Monday, 7 April 2014

Planning days ahead

I want to ride different routes on this trip and I also want to ride over the border in the Greek sector of this lovely island. So today has been a day of planning routes, maps, plotting GPX files and importing to my Garmin, and generally getting a plan of attack ready for the nex week or so. I've been using to plan the routes and create gpx files. The plan involves an ambitious and long days mountain climb and hopefully lots of beaches and fun to relax afterwards. Let's see what happens!
I'm finding that to keep the blog up to date is a bit of a mission and time consuming without hi speed internet but I enjoy it so will keep doing it as best I can, mainly for my own 'scrapbook' memories and also for those following.

The weather here is set to change soon, getting cooler and it looks like a few showers may appear. Right now it's become very gusty so hopefully it will be out of the way by wednesday. Her eis a useful weather forcast site:
Mount Olympos Cyprus weather


Right then....the ride with no particular plan now has a plan !

I will cycle 25 miles ish across the border on Wednesday morning and stay in Paralimni. Then ride the 70 ish miles or so to Limassol. Here I have booked a nice place via air bnb for two nights at £25 a night. I need two nights as this crazy idiot has discovered an overwhelming desire to cycle to Mount Olympos, the highest Mountain on this Island. It's over twice as high as the Kantara climb yesterday and I have no idea really about road surfaces, best routes, weather conditions at the top or anything really. It will be tough, likely cold on top, and i dont have the smallest chainring most mountain bikers have, as Im on a road bike.  But i will give it a crack and see how things work out. I'll stay over in Limasssol after the 'epic' acent into the clouds, then ride back the 70 ish miles to Paralimni and spend time there recovering and checking out the local area properly. Then I'll ride back to the TRNC (Turkish republic of northern Cyprus) and spend the remaining two weeks, approximatly, riding some new routes here.

So that's the crazy plan for now! ...right then.. all that planning has exhausted me...time to hit the hammock !

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