Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ride three - Shop biksiklet

This guys knew what he was doing, just didnt have the parts!
Well here I am, day three and already in the pitstop. My crank is buggered. The only bike shop in famagusta has no spare part in stock and I'm sitting here watching a bloke fit a heavy fsa crankset with a hammer!
120 euros for a heavy set of front cogs and the certain knowledge that i'll need to replace that in the uk. May as well buy a new bike...erm which I may well just have to do.
Low end FSA chainset, the only one in Famagusta, big and heavy but working.
But it is what it is and what it is is good enough, so make the best of it I shall :)
Riding back from famagusta the changing went well, a bit clunkier than the campag chainrings but rideable and safe. And breeeeeathe lol!

The guy in the picture is a cool guy, he knows his bikes and how to fix them. There is a glass cabinet in his shop full of cycling trophies he has won racing, mostly on the Turkish mainland I believe. Here the attitude is that everything is possible, the customer is important, not always right but important ebough to tell them that professionally. Some high end stuffy pompous english bike shop staff should come here and take a lesson in cutomer care and positive can do attitude!

So after all of this messing around it was time to chill by the pool :)

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