Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Route recce

Todays ride started early. I was woken by the usual haunting out of key bellowing from the local mosque here, which is actually a joy to wake up to.

 Last night I had met with Stefan from Zypern bike and over dinner we made plans for test riding a few suggested route stages for possible tours in April 2015. It was fun riding with a top rider and we chatted all the way around in a mixture of Stefans excellent English and my appalling German!

 The route took us out from Bafra inland to DipKarpaz and back in almost a figure of eight pattern. Mercifully today was much cooler than of late and less windy too. Perfect riding conditions. Stopping only once for a coke the ride flew past, riding at a medium pace over rolling hills mostly. The land here is dry and barran right now, but by April it will be green and covered in wild yellow flowers, making this route really picturesque at that time of year.

 Riding two abreast I discovered cypriot drivers are as impatiant as the english drivers, clearly the option to slow down and pass when safe never even enters their heads, anyway, no big deal, and given that 99% of the time they are very courteous I had no problem reverting to single file when I heard a car from behind. A friendly wave usually resulted and life went on safely and happily.

 I rode this ride on an empty stomache and made a B line for a full English breakfast as soon as I got back to base camp. I didnt stop to take photographs today as this was about getting the ride right, rather than recording the experience photographically. I will ride it again soon and take pictures then. Great ride in great company.

 Cheers Stefan!

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